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We provide a variety of smarter risk software solutions for capital modelling and adequacy evaluation, financial planning and risk management for private and public financial and non financial institutions.

We integrate all our risk analysis into enterprise-wide stress testing, capital adequacy evaluation and direct decision taking (i.e., loan pricing, rating and management)

We have developed a powerful integration of analytics and management processes whose outputs can be easily used by the company’s management for daily decision making.

Scientific OpRisk Management


OpRisk capital modelling for Pillar 2, using hybrid model approach integrating internal and external loss data and scenario analysis.

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Web based solution for planning, developing and modelling risk scenarios under structured expert judgment methods. It determines the money value of risk and the NPV of mitigation actions.

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Time series modelling of operational losses to create prediction models based on macroeconomic variables, KRIs, KCI or else. It can be used for the stress testing of operational risk.

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ResilORr is a web-based solution for holistic Management of nonfinancial risks anda resilience.

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Smart Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk predictive models generation engine (data preparation, scoring, rating, PD, LGD, early warnings etc.) including times series analysis for stress testing and loss budgeting.

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Credit economic capital calculation and allocation engine.

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Loan Origination Solution that excels on precise loan pricing and customer rating thanks to cutting-edge risk and financial measurement analytics. Web-based solution for loan origination, borrower rating and spreading and loan pricing including workflow management and robust control and approvals framework.

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Time series modelling for credit risk losses to create prediction models based on macroeconomic business or any type of variable. It is typically used for stress testing of operational risk.

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OneView Risk and Finance

Wide variety of risk and finance applications: ICAAP, ILAAP, EWST, asset allocation and other. Provides an integrated and consistent analysis of P&L, BS, capital requirements and availability and liquidity resulting from simulated scenarios. Assesses the entity’s strategy impact on the financial statements accommodating both business, macroeconomic and risk variables. Fully customizable in terms of business units, financial statements items, macroeconomic models, projection variables, users, reports and more.

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Reliance ECL calculator

A user friendly, IT lite ECL solution, designed and built by AB. It can also be used to forecast ECL, stress ECL, “what-if” scenarios and help to manage cyclicality

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Empowering ERM

Our ERM solution translate risk metrics into economic value metrics aligning risk and management teams and integrating its output in the daily management of your corporation.

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MONEY RISK Audit. Your internal audit can evaluate risk using economic value metrics and advanced risk analytics (Monte Carlo, etc.) aligning audit and management teams and maximising the influence the audit function in the organization.

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Other Solutions

Excel Webisiertransforms an Excel application into a web-based solution; ETL40 is an ETL engine intra MS Office products for transferring information across Excel spreadsheets, Word and PowerPoint and building customized reports.

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Automates the calculation of residual value in leasing contracts.

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Permits the management of model risk along the model’s life cycle through a robust workflow, flexible reporting and alerts framework.

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Top Awarded Solutions

Top Awarded Solutions our research and innovation capabilities are continuously redefining the standards in our industry as reflected in our impressive awards track record, year after year, since our inception in 2015.

2022 Best Operational Risk Tool, InsuranceERM

2021 Best Regulatory Operational Risk Tool, Chartis Research

2019 Operational Risk Modelling Vendor of the Year, Risk.Net

2018 Operational risk Modelling Vendor of the year, Risk.Net

2018 OpRisk Scenario Product of the Year, Risk.Net

2018 Best Risk Analytics Solution, InsuranceERM

2018 Best Analytics Solution, Insurance ERM

2017 Best Analytics Solution, Insurance ERM

2017 Best StressSscenario Software, Insurance ERM

2016 Best Overall Product of the Year, Risk.Net

2016 Best Risk Analytics Tool, Risk.Net

2016 Best Stress Testing Product, Risk.Net