Strategic Risk and Resilience Management through a smarter use of technology

Our Mision

ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE’s mission is to effectively activate your Strategic Resilience Management through the use of technology. This is achieved by bridging the gap between risk analytics and strategic management making advanced analytics usable and beneficially integrated into daily decision making. We observed that risk analytics is often secluded to specialized departments due to their sophistication, expert terminology and sometimes unfriendly IT environment. Consequently, resilience management analytics had only limited impact in organizations. We envisioned adding massive value by integrating advanced risk analytics into the daily management of companies and giving full control of the analytics process to the companies. This would result into a more effective resilience management.

For this purpose, ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE put together a unique team of experienced and senior consultants from True North Partners and PhDs with deep knowledge on state-of-the-art technology to create user-friendly and easy-to-learn risk analytics applications producing outputs understandable by management. The True North Partners team and our advisory board, keeps us constantly connected to client’s resilience needs, sensitivities and concerns.

The result has been exceptional: ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE has a collection of blue-chip clients in addition to that, have become a top awarded vendor in risk management since our inception, 2015. We have been receiving more than 12 awards, visit clients and industries and team to further your knowledge in our success.

Why AnalytiX Boutique?

Our unique approach to understanding risk management´s needs and performance is in our hardcore and it helps you to effectively integrate your risk functions in your active strategic resilience plans.

Discover 9 Smart Reasons to choose AnalytiX Boutique:


We use advanced analytics and translate them into the economic metrics generally used by management which engages and aligns your teams and organization under a common language. The outputs of our models are understandable and actionable by management aligning risk analytics and management teams.


Beyond the Bubble Chart paradigm: we don’t want our clients to rely on abstract metrics of risk such as bubble charts and traffic light codes. The risk output of our applications are economic value-based metrics.

ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE goes further combining risk metrics with performance metrics making them understandable and usable by management in their daily decision making. Economic value metrics are the centre of the analysis and are fully integrated into the rest of the organization and they can be read, undestood and used.


Our solutions are fully auditable containing a specific module for model validation. Model validation becomes a smooth and efficient process due thanks to all the automatic documentation of assumption and one-click model replication features.


In a plug and play exercise, ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE provides your team with best practices and eliminates the necessity of coding (you don’t need to reinvent the wheel).


Your team’s performance is maximized by eliminating manual processes via automating reporting, data flows, and concatenation of analytics processes and other.


ANALYTIX BOUTIQUE empathizes with clients needs, stays close, receptive and are approachable to quickly resolve your problems.


Our applications enable a strong governance making them trustable, traceable and accountable making your company in full control and providing ownership of the analystics process.


With our application and close support, your company remains in full control of the analytics process minimizing dependence from scarce highly skilled coding experts.


Our models are robust, bullet-proof and transparent both on methodology perspective and source code.

Rafael Cavestany Sanz-Briz, author and founder of AnalytiX Boutique

Discover our publications

AnalytiX Boutique team are thought leaders in the risk industry and have made significant contributions to the advancement of the Risk Analytics industry.

We see value in sharing our method and put them subject to the industry professionals scrutiny and critique. Hence, we have extensively published our methods in editorial such as Risk. Net and The Actuarial Magazine from which we obtained very positive references.

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“Using Structured Scenario Analysis for an effective OpRisk management and stable capital requirements determination”, R. Cavestany, E. Hoftetter y D. Rodriguez (2017), Society of Actuaries, The Actuary Magazine

Member of True North Partners

AnalytiX Boutique is member of the recognized True North Partners group, an independent advisor in the Risk Management Industry.