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Trying to learn and you can justify one thing to various other what is actually crazy to start with is pretty the fresh new pastime and goes around and around and you may doing. However, changes he did, again and again and this was even up until the GAT show. Exactly how many their quirky inner tech improvements, instance from rules co-audits, metering and TR programs, checksheet rewrites (this new SHSBC a prime example) and you can RTC TR, metering videos tickets should be label just a few. The guy extremely had stuck with the Unicamente NOTs articles too early into the and you may actually blogged a good amount of situations himself “fixing it up” in which he himself try a failed CL4 auditor!

Together with book and you may package rewrites more than once. Yet , he tries to encourage folk he’d making an application for the new tech pure LRH. Hubbard need been both blind and you can stupid when he put the fresh SHSBC and place the latest precedent out of Saint Mountain dimensions statistics and a financial stability formula having Orgs, having much altered technology under his very nose and you may taking it at the same time which have people suppressively authored textbooks and you will checksheets. It would search analytical in the event that Hubbard did generate all of that crap up, plus it failed to write performance simply let it rest feel, the cash is streaming anyhow and the organisation is apparently big and you will secure. However however, miscavige enjoys painted themselves to your a large part from which I do not thought the guy some forecast he’d ever before end up.

Just what if someone else says Personally i think best because the We realize a book or got auditing from some one

He underestimated the net improperly in addition to court some one both for and you may up against miscavige/scientology is circling like sharks, they smelling blood within the water and you will a payday they could only imagine is simply on the horizon. These are the genuine champions within this Scientology circumstances. It will seem evidential but not one miscavige had in for Hubbard within the a huge way. Damaging Scientology whilst was when he stole they became rather without a doubt an addiction to your – only check what he performed to your professional strata! Which is specific together2night hile apk very big ruin during the anyone’s terms. The guy proclaimed a lot of Hubbard’s earlier Saint Slope personnel and none Hubbard instructed CLXII is obtainable now regarding chapel – the guy ning proof exactly what miscavige notion of Hubbard and his awesome technology.

Such as for instance – if Scientology never has worked before everything else, why should miscavige need change it?

There can be never been a preserving away from neither reform out-of Scientology – it doesn’t work with a group style whatever the your manage on it. That may be to own most useful otherwise bad instead with ease demonstrable. Bring cutting-edge publish towards newest throughout the most significant and best from inside the La therefore the last many months on the Mike’s webpages – it’s all a demise move away from miscavige’s organization and its particular lays. And Banner is a joke. Perhaps the technical works best for somebody has been and you will be contended from this point on the aside – yet which provides a crap? Sky purpose, people getting spiritually fulfilled standing on a hill better having three decades otherwise anybody else jumping off aircraft.

But In my opinion we could easily to see and you can concur that brand new reality Scientology since a team hobby is actually dry in the water and when the tech was actually possible, better… so what does it count today. Yet not, geezers failed to some funds change serves up this topic, in addition to carnage out of busted lives and you may shattered dreams remaining in their aftermath is enough to turn the new stomach from probably the very hardened critic from Hubbard. I guess it could be argued miscavige might have better off making the technology alone and simply depending the bucks – he then you are going to really fault Hubbard in the event the ran wrong. However, while i told you before seeking to see and determine anything that is crazy merely goes around and to and you can to.