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I attempted multiple times to track down talk and sound support off T-Mobile, nevertheless is actually hard to get them to understand that that it was a system matter; it kept visiting the checklist having an issue with a great mobile phone, SIM, account, etcetera. She in the course of time slashed me from and you will don’t call back.

I am hoping I might get some ideas from this user community; there are clearly many knowledgeable, intelligent an logical people here. «,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/network-coverage-5\/one-web-page-takes-2min-to-load-but-only-via-t-mobile-43950″,»creationDate»:»2022-06-08T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»2 hours ago»>,»isTopicUnread»:true,»privateId»:24099,»id»:43950,»type»:»post»,»hasCurrentUserLiked»:false,»isSticky»:false,»features»:[<"id":"isQuestion","label":"vraag">],»forum»:<"id":5,"isIdeation":false,"url":"\/network-coverage-5","title":"Network>,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/network-coverage-5\/one-web-page-takes-2min-to-load-but-only-via-t-mobile-43950″,»title»:»one web page takes 2min to load, but only via T-Mobile.»,»lastPost»:<"id":43950,"author":<"id":10677166,"url":"\/members\/kevin-harris-10677166","name":"Kevin>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»

The web page accustomed weight typically, and you can was not changed. Now it, and you can earlier incarnations, take 2-min. In order to stream.

This site including plenty typically if the access to the internet is perhaps not thru T-Cellular

I am extremely mislead from this; it’s as if T-Meters produced a system change over Art gallery sunday one to caused certain\u00a0html code on this page to execute really slower., however, it looks fairly impractical.

I tried several times discover chat and you can voice support off T-Mobile, but it are hard to get these to just remember that , that it are a network point; it kept going to the listing to own a problem with good mobile phone, SIM, membership, an such like. She fundamentally slash me personally off and you may didn’t call-back.

I am hoping I might get some ideas from this user community; there are clearly many knowledgeable, intelligent an logical people here. «,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/network-coverage-5\/one-web-page-takes-2min-to-load-but-only-via-t-mobile-43950″,»creationDate»:»2022-06-08T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»2 hours ago»>,»numberOfUnreadReplies»:0,»numberOfReplies»:0,»numberOfLikes»:0,»relevantPost»:<"id":43950,"author":<"id":10677166,"url":"\/members\/kevin-harris-10677166","name":"Kevin>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»

The website regularly weight typically, and you can was not altered. Now it, and you will earlier versions, need 2-min. To load.

This site and additionally lots usually if the access to the internet was perhaps not thru T-Mobile

I’m most puzzled through this; it’s since if T-M made a network change-over Memorial weekend you to brought about certain\u00a0html password on this page to execute really slow., however, so it appears rather unlikely.

I attempted many times to find talk and you can sound service of T-Cellular, nevertheless is difficult to get these to keep in mind that so it is actually a system topic; it left going to the checklist having a problem with a good cell phone, SIM, account, etc. She at some point slash myself from and don’t call back.

Will this phone\u00a0XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 10 5G 128 GB Graphite Gray Dual SIM \u00a0support a prepaid T Mobile SIM card please? This is for the Palm Springs, California area if this makes a difference. Thank you! «,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/accounts-services-4\/sim-card-compatibility-42436″,»creationDate»:»2022-03-28T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»2 months ago»>,»isTopicUnread»:true,»privateId»:22851,»id»:42436,»type»:»post»,»hasCurrentUserLiked»:false,»isSticky»:false,»features»:[<"id":"isQuestion","label":"vraag">],»forum»:<"id":4,"isIdeation":false,"url":"\/accounts-services-4","title":"Accounts>,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/accounts-services-4\/sim-card-compatibility-42436″,»title»:»SIM Card Compatibility»,»lastPost»:<"id":112185,"author":<"id":10704661,"url":"\/members\/aji233-10704661","name":"Aji233","avatar":"","userTitle":"First>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»»,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/accounts-services-4\/sim-card-compatibility-42436?postid=163595#post163595″,»creationDate»:»2022-06-08T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»21 minutes ago»>,»numberOfUnreadReplies»:0,»numberOfReplies»:4,»numberOfLikes»:0,»relevantPost»:<"id":42436,"author":<"id":10698218,"url":"\/members\/cam58-10698218","name":"cam58","avatar":"","userTitle":"First>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»

Will this phone\u00a0XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 10 https://datingmentor.org/dominican-dating/ 5G 128 GB Graphite Gray Dual SIM \u00a0support a prepaid T Mobile SIM card please? This is for the Palm Springs, California area if this makes a difference. Thank you! «,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/accounts-services-4\/sim-card-compatibility-42436″,»creationDate»:»2022-03-28T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»2 months ago»>,»numberOfViews»:118,»contentType»:»question»,»featuredImage»:»»,»publicLabel»:»»,»category»:<"url":"\/accounts-coverage-1","categoryId":1,"title":"Accounts>,»lastPostId»:»112185″>,<"firstPost":<"id":43955,"author":<"id":10704269,"url":"\/members\/radionet-10704269","name":"Radionet","avatar":"","userTitle":"First>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»

I have two A32 phones on my business account and they do not work well. After two months of dealing with tech support and customer care, I have found both Tmobile and the A32 wanting. The A32 is a poor performer, drops calls, fails to send text messages, reports phone as \u2018device not found on network\u2019 etc. The phone struggles with the basics, I guess that\u2019s why it was \u2018free\u2019, turns out to be anything but \u2018free\u2019 with wasted hours with customer care and tech support to reboot, reset, change mobile connection, use a new sim and on and on with no improvement. On a recent phone call with customer care they told me, \u201cnot to worry, we will email you UPS shipping labels for you to print and take to your local T mobile store to return them and get a new\/different phones. Only problem was the store said no-way. Not the 1st time that customer service got it way wrong, I totally regret going with T-Mobile at this point, as I am tired of the lies and false promises. Sorry to vent\u2026can anybody suggest a better carrier? I will lose $$, but when a phone a cell provider can not deliver the basics\u2026.it\u2019s time to cut your losses. «,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/t-mobile-for-business-6\/samsung-a32-continuing-problems-43955″,»creationDate»:»2022-06-08T+0000″,»relativeCreationDate»:»32 minutes ago»>,»isTopicUnread»:true,»privateId»:24104,»id»:43955,»type»:»post»,»hasCurrentUserLiked»:false,»isSticky»:false,»features»:[<"id":"isQuestion","label":"vraag">],»forum»:<"id":6,"isIdeation":false,"url":"\/t-mobile-for-business-6","title":"T-Mobile>,»url»:»https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/t-mobile-for-business-6\/samsung-a32-continuing-problems-43955″,»title»:»Samsung A32 continuing problems»,»lastPost»:<"id":43955,"author":<"id":10704269,"url":"\/members\/radionet-10704269","name":"Radionet","avatar":"","userTitle":"First>,»userLevel»:0>,»content»:»