Danny Williams: This woman is toward mainland, dealing with a task force closing down an intercourse trafficking system

Seasons eight [ ]

Over the last episode of year 7, into the Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina We Ka Pono, Kono renders to have Carson Urban area, NV to cease a gender trafficking ring-around the country, the final world is this lady making with the a plane. Into the Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina We Ka Pono, Kono believe she are pregnant. She ordered a pregnancy attempt at money store, with her relative Sara.

Season 8 [ ]

Danny Williams: You-you encourage me personally numerous Kono, in addition. Which is a supplement. Tani Rey: Where are she? [1]

Danny Williams: Your heard from Kono? Steve McGarrett: Yeah, We have. Yeah, I spoke to help you her not too long before. Seems like, everytime she hair right up good perp, they rating the newest intel which leads to a different arrest. She’s even earned Chin’s San Fran task force to cope with the west Coast businesses. Just what? Danny Williams: Zero, it is simply weird. What i’m saying is, We miss people men, you are sure that? Steve McGarrett: Yeah, me too. Look who has a delicate nothing rose now. [2]

Steve McGarrett: Adam Noshimuri involved check out me a week ago. Danny Williams: Okay. Steve McGarrett: I guess, uh, Kono’s circumstances has gone federal. New FBI want this lady to stay around, notice it until the end. Danny Williams: So, how much does which means that? When is actually she returning? Steve McGarrett: No time in the near future. Adam’s flying out the next day becoming together. [2]

Danny Williams: Okay, what, uh what exactly are your what’s happening this evening? Adam Noshimuri: I am just going where you can find prepare. Uh, I am appointment Kono inside L.A beneficial. and you will, uh, my flight departs at break regarding dawn. [3]

Steve McGarrett: Browse, the guy, (Adam) . Using my true blessing, all right? So it boy has proven his support for me over and over repeatedly once more. We believe him with my lifestyle, okay? That’s got to face to possess anything. [4]

Identification [ ]

Even after being the only people associate while the novice of the cluster, Kono created herself quickly. She’s highly skilled inside , especially so you can their cousin Mouth.

Kono blames Chin’s ex-fiancee Malia to own leaving your. Kono is not scared doing the lady jobs, in fact it is a bit an overwhelming policeman.

Kono happens to be understanding a little more about regarding obligations out-of are a cop. She doesn’t without difficulty forgive by herself if the she renders a blunder and you can she’s as well as the singular which calls Lieutenant Leader Steve McGarrett «company.»

Instance this lady cousin, Mouth, Kono suggests deep support so you’re able to Steve. When Kono knows the truth about Chin’s leaving the push (the reality that the lady cousin got new blame for their uncle’s crime), she becomes mad one to Chin didn’t Sioux Falls best hookup apps tell the truth. She informs Mouth whenever their Sis Mele entry, Chin has to tell the truth.

Looks [ ]

Kono outfits in fundamental outfits for many of communities businesses. She will rise above the crowd sporting a swimsuit in many periods owed to the lady passion for browsing.

She has brownish neck length locks, always reduce up to the girl arms or either tied up, and just have brownish attention.

Abilities [ ]

Despite being the least-experienced police policeman from herself, Danny and you may Jaw, Kono has proven herself to be a quick data just like the she today functions as brand new sniper/sharpshooter of people, will getting cover otherwise defense for her teammates. She’s come aren’t underestimated, yet happens because of regarding clutch many times.

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